Work in progress
@Tetrodon, Martigues, France
Stefan Eichhorn, 2022

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Stefan Eichhorn
  • Koffer (photo: Philipp Orschler, 2012)

  • Koffer, detail

  • Koffer, detail

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Plywood, imitation leather, hinges, suitcase locks, handle
53 x 35 x 79 cm

The work »Koffer« (case) is a replica of a prop from the German crime comedy »Das Schwarze Schaf« (1960) with actor Heinz Rühmann as Father Brown, who engages himself with criminology - to the displeasure of the church leaders. In the film the case is used as an actually unimportant element for the plot: It serves as a transport for an architectural model of a planned church that Father Brown collects donations for. Eichhorns work copies the case and shows it without the church model as a possible original prop from a long forgotten film in which the most important part - the model or the idea - is lost.