Work in progress
@Tetrodon, Martigues, France
Stefan Eichhorn, 2022

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Stefan Eichhorn
  • Go Practice, installation details

  • Go Practice, installation details

  • Go Practice

  • Go Practice

  • Go Practice, sketch

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Go Practice

with Philipp Pink

Approx. 10 x 10 x 11 m
Particle board, paint, wood shavings, stadium flood light, 3 water dispendensers, 4 fire extinguishers

Stefan Eichhorn developed the site-specific installation Go Practice in conjunction with Philipp Pink. A 1.80 m high ring made of particle board was installed 30 cm from the wall in the Senatssaal, a large exhibition hall at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden (HfBK), effectively enclosing the space and blocking the view from the outside by virtue of its height. The hall was only accessible through a narrow entryway, while the parquet flooring within the ring was completely covered with wood shavings 10 cm deep. The space was lit by a stadium floodlight situated in the middle of the ring. Three water dispensers in front of the entrance offered »performers« refreshment after their visit to this »circus arena.«